Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rocket fun!

The Barrett men had a blast making a rocket car today. Don't miss the video!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun pics!

Couldn't resist sharing a few more pics with you!

Daniel took this of my sister and I during a laptop hangout session in Austin.

Molly cooked us an incredible meal after the sip & see. Here she is grilling our steaks! Thanks for the support, mom!

Ellie roots for the team. Touchdown! Just needed a few more that Saturday.

Anna had fun dressing up as a princess. Could she be the dish fairy?!

The kids rode the train at Acton Methodist's Lord's Acre. They LOVE this thing!

All smiles!

Another of Daniel's photos. If you know Anna, you'll recognize this face!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halle's Sip & See

We had a great party for Leslie and Halle down at Leslie's house in Austin! Halle is 7 weeks old here - she seemed to have a great time, although she missed out on the cupcake bar. :)

The guest of honor, complete with ballet shoe booties!

Knox Riemondi enjoys lunch.

Mom and Molly (Leslie's sister-in-law)

The guests of honor!

Leslie and friend Angela pose as Ellie blesses her cupcake!

This is Jack, Leslie's nephew, who is 9 months old. He's such a doll!!

Our cupcake bar, complete with chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cupcakes, frosting in every color, and tons of toppings! It was so fun!!!

Daniel had fun getting his cupcake JUST right.

Anna and Daniel enjoying their creations!

After the party, the kids enjoyed the warm weather by playing outside on the trampoline. This is their "train"!


We had a great Halloween this year! Daniel took his first school field trip to a community retirement center with his preschool. Later that evening, the kids suited up for some trick or treating fun. We met up with several families in our neighborhood and filled the pumpkins with candy! Last year Daniel & Anna were both shy about approaching houses and ringing doorbells. This year was completely different - they were both running from house to house with joy!! Grammie and Papa Ray joined us - we all had a blast!!

Fueling up on our pre trick-or-treating dinner.

Pretty pink princess Anna shows us her best princess moves.

Spiderman flexes his muscles.

Our buddy Chris joined in the fun! Need a package, mon?

Daniel, Anna, and our dear friend Spencer the giraffe pose as we wrap up our evening.