Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Arrival!

Halle Elizabeth Peck was born Thursday, September 13th at 3:19pm. She weighs 7 pounds, 9 ounces and is 21 inches long. Leslie is doing great and looking even better; she had a little more than 7 hours of mostly pain-free labor! Kevin is doing great - he is trying to keep up with all the text messages coming his way! Big sister Ellie is doing really well - you will see several pics of us in the waiting room with her. She wasn't excited about seeing mom with stuff in her arm (IV) but loves her baby sister and gave her sweet kisses on her head.

Arriving at the hospital!

Anna and Ellie have a blast coloring in the waiting room.

New family photo: Grammie, Papa Ray, Ellie, Kevin, Leslie, and Halle!

Aunt Suzy with Leslie and new niece Halle!

After Halle was born, we took the kids to the park nearby at Central Market for some playtime and a snack. Here's Ellie!

Daniel & Anna can play together!

Back at the hospital:

Kissing Cousins! Anna gives Halle a low-germ kiss on the head.

Anna and Ellie have a chat on Aunt Leslie's bed.

Doesn't Leslie look great?!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dave's Birthday!

It's birthday time again, here at Barrettworld! We kicked off Dave's birthday celebration while his brother Dan and wife Amy were in town from Virginia over Labor Day weekend. Dave's parents joined us, too, and we had a great weekend! The guys got to celebrate the opening of dove season by bringing home 2 birds from an evening hunt. However, we would all probably agree that the highlight of the weekend was challenging each other in Wii games!! Boxing, golf, bowling, tennis, and even sawing logs, painting fences, and hammering nails. That game is crazy. I'll post some pics as soon as Uncle D gets a chance to send some my way.

Tonight, Tuesday September 11th, we celebrated Dave's birthday (which is really on Thursday the 13th). The kids helped me make a chocolate chocolate-chip birthday cake, and they definitely enjoyed it!! Mommy couldn't find the candles she bought at the store, so Dave picked the 0 candle! What a great sport. Besides, who really wants to track birthdays after 30?!

We put a blindfold on Dave to give him his present....

...a huge framed Texas map as it looked in 1836!

Later, Daniel and Anna told Grammie that Mommy got Daddy a sleeping mask for his birthday!

We had a great evening together, relaxing and playing with the kids. Later, however, as Dave & I set out to find a good spot for the map, we heard a large crash from the kitchen. Daniel had already informed me that he was making apple juice. All was going well until he attempted to pour the juice into his cup while the pitcher lid was in the closed position. We had a good laugh (well, all except for sweet Daniel) while we cleaned up 2 quarts of freshly made apple juice off of the kitchen floor. Daniel redeemed himself by making another pitcher of it and (after learning how the pitcher works) poured himself a delicious cup of apple juice.

We celebrated tonight because Suzanne and the kids are trekking to Austin to be there for the arrival of the newest niece, Halle Peck! My sister Leslie is headed to the hospital on Thursday morning and Halle should make her appearance sometime that day. It is super cool that my sweet niece and Dave will have the same birthday!!! I hope to have some great baby pictures to post by this weekend!