Sunday, January 13, 2008

Daniel & Papa Ray: Up, up, and away!

What started out as a taxi down the runway ended up as Daniel & Papa Ray's first flight!

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon when we strapped Daniel's carseat into Dad's RV-6 so Daniel could take a short taxi with Dad to fill up the plane with gas. Daniel seemed to enjoy himself, so Dad asked if he'd like to go up for a flight. After some talking and Daniel's nod of approval, they were off! They flew by Grammie's office in Weatherford and StoneWater Church (Brawner Intermediate School) before heading back home. After 40 minutes, mommy was ready for the two guys to bring 'er in! They had wonderful landing and both were full of smiles!

Anna and I waited at the airpark (here) and then the hanger for the landing!

Here's the final approach!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Awesome Christmas

Thanks to everyone - this Christmas was SO fun! We had a blast in Plano with Mimi, Paw Paw, Aunt Amy, and Uncle Dan! We had a fun birthday party for Uncle Dan and (as usual) hid things all over the house for him!!!

We also had a wonderful time in Granbury! Grammie and Papa Ray had a great time with their 4, yes count them, 4 grandkids. Aunt Leslie and Uncle Kevin brought one of their new toys - Playstation 3 and the game ROCK BAND. We partied like rock stars - well, not really. But we acted like them on the guitar, drums, bass, and mic.

Uncle Dan, Paw Paw, and Dave even managed to spend a little time up at the deer lease. Even though the cows broke some of the equipment, Dave managed to bring home a big buck!

Daniel & Anna really enjoyed everything and were really into the whole Christmas story (both Jesus and Santa). At Grammie's house, we had a chocolate birthday cake! Daniel, Anna, Ellie and Hallie sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blew out the candles! It was so fun to watch them tear into their presents and play with everything at the same time.

Can't wait for next year!