Friday, January 22, 2010

My garden - mid January

First off, here's what my boxes look like:

Box 1 has celery in top row, swiss chard in second row (purple), oregano in 3rd row (huge, needs to be cut back), and thyme, parsley, and cilantro in bottom row.

Box 2 has nothing on top row, garlic on 2nd row (frozen leftover romaine lettuce next to it - I'm crossing my fingers it will come sprout something), hollyhocks on 3rd row (only there because they are still green - they will come out soon), and a lone broccoli plant on bottom row.

What to do in mid-January?
From my "expertise" (HA!) - January is the time to clean out the dead stuff in your garden. Take care of greens that survived the frost. Sprinkle some fertilizer on your soil and mix it in to get ready for early spring planting. Turn the soil over, mix it up, get it ready for planting in mid March.

Since we live in Texas, there will be stretches of beautiful days, and you will be tempted to plant stuff outside. Save your money, unless you want pansies. It will freeze again and you will cry when you either lose your new baby to the cold, or when you spend way too much time and energy covering and rigging up warming devices to protect your plants. Take this time to look at the Burpee catalog and dream about the things you'll harvest this year.

That's it for now - headed out to prune back my huge oregano.
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