Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anna & her snowgirl

It snowed in Austin! Despite conflicting weather forecasts, it did actually snow in a measurable amount. Daniel was excited but spent only 3.6 seconds outside before he declared it "too cold". Anna, on the other hand, had a blast rolling up snowballs to make this beautiful creation! She's apparently an old school traditionalist when it comes to snowman building. She would settle for nothing less than a carrot for the nose, hat and scarf, and sticks for arms. She conceeded to craisins for eyes, and a bell pepper smile. She added her Anna flair with the curly ribbon for hair. I'm so proud of my sweet Anna and her snowgirl - just hope snowgirl can last for a few hours before the rain melts her away!!!
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motherglover said...

I love the "old school" with the added flair of the bell pepper, craisins and especially the curly ribbon! Too cute!!!

Lissa Michelle said...

She is SO CUTE! I need your e-mail! I want to ask you about Austin Stone's resource center. I want to help start one at StoneWater and I want some ideas of how y'all do it!